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Accomplished Woman : Meet Maggie Lord

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Sometimes when you are so busy conquering the world (well, the book publishing and wedding blog world) it’s important to stop and reflect on all that you have right at this moment.


When I first met Maggie I was a little intimidated because she was a successful wedding editor for in addition to being the book author of Rustic Wedding Chic and Barn Weddings.  I couldn’t believe how much she has done in so little time and I couldn’t help but wonder if she ever slept, especially with a little one at home? Maggie was a breath of fresh air for me, as she was just as fearless and nostalgic as I am and we talked about our summer vacations spent on lakes as children. Soon I realized that our paths were meant to cross.


Maggie’s son is in preschool now and you could just see how her eyes lit up around him. Those little hands of his, they still reach to hold her hands to feel safe and secure. The look of wonder on his face as he plays with the fallen leaves. It was as if he and his Mama had their own private jokes too, and his sweet nature and playful personality would just melt your heart!


I asked Maggie what her greatest accomplishment was and she said, “first and foremost, being a mother is my greatest accomplishment. Everyday with my son is a gift that is greater than I could have ever imagined.” Maggie, I can’t help but look at your growing boy and how he planted a big ol’ wet kiss on your cheek with that childish enthusiasm and think… you have found your success. The joy of motherhood and the career fulfillment you dreamed about — you have it!


Sometimes we think about our future and wonder where we’ll be or what it will look like. My hope is that you will see the confident and fearless woman that you are, RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW, and know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. This life that you have made for yourself, it is incredible and you are inspiring. The world needs more Mompreneurs like you, paving the way for others and showing us all that our dreams are within our reach.


Sarah Lehberger is a portrait photographer based in Easton, CT. She has been serving the Fairfield County, Connecticut community since 2005. Sarah specializes in bold storytelling that celebrates the spirited minds, romantic hearts and brave souls of women. They are the dreamers and the doers of the world, and she believes they are unstoppable! Sarah’s mission is to unite, empower and encourage women in their fearless pursuit of their dreams.
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