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What do we get?

Years from now, when your spirited grandchildren sneak into your bedroom, they will stumble upon a handcrafted, Amish made wooden box. They will dust it and find that the lid comes off, revealing your family photographs from our session that were preserved through the generations.

They will hold in their hands little pieces of their history that make them feel like they belong to something that is much larger than themselves. They will find pieces of lace from Grandma’s wedding dress, the watch that Papa wore every day, locks of hair from their little one’s first hair cut, dirt from the land where they settled, and dried flower petals from her favorite bouquet. Tucked neatly amongst the momentos, they might find old envelopes filled with love notes and promises for the future. Words left behind for them to share with their own children one day. And finally, wrapped in soft leather or vintage cloth will be the photographs that were waiting for them. The pictures that told stories of immeasurable love and joy between parent, child and sibling. The very things that will become their most prized possessions.

Your photography experience, along with each wooden box and collection that I offer, is meant to preserve those everyday and fleeting moments, the simple yet meaningful activities that you share, the adventures that life is made of. This is your gift and the story of a family you love wholeheartedly. I want to celebrate you, your journey and the legacy that you hope to leave behind.

When do we set up a session?

I want you to call me when you realize that you are missing from your family photographs. You are far too busy at work or living life, and it’s time you gave yourself permission to hand over the reigns to an expert. It is usually the moment when you realize “I am part of this story” and “I matter”. Some of these moments might be…before she goes off to Kindergarten, or while he still plays dress up in every super hero costume, or Saturday mornings when everyone is happy because pancakes are ALWAYS on the menu. It might also be that time when your grand kids are in town and well, you will be too busy planning adventures to take photos. Whatever it is, that time means something to you and them. If your heart and mind swirls with emotions and if you want them to know (one day) how important this time together was, then please reach out as I’d love to chat.

Where do we do the photos?

The 2-3 hour session is done in the comfort of your own home or at a place that you would call your family’s stomping grounds. It might be at the nearby lake where Dad taught everyone to fish, or maybe along the shoreline where your family lives each weekend. It could also be set in your kitchen where baking cookies together is the only time your tweens are getting along, or it could be as simple as your own backyard while the kids run and jump through a pile of leaves before sunset.

How do I know if our style preference is a match?

My photojournalistic style is best suited for the woman who understands that there is beauty in imperfection, that her natural confidence and spirited personality are two of her greatest traits, and that some of the most breath taking moments between her family are unscripted and full of adventure. My work is consistently sentimental, timeless and classic.  I am spirited, nostalgic and brave at my core.  I believe that our personalities being a match is more important than my style any day.

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